Mrs. Ishwari Sharma

Teaching is a highly noble profession. Teachers are always a boon to society. Through their Intelligence, patience and persistent hardwork they attempt not only to hone the learner’s Intellect and aptitude but also create a well rounded personality. Teaching has an influence in developing one’s mind and character and gives the satisfaction of having sparked within, the light of knowledge and dispelled the clouds of ignorance.

As this field is vast having areas of specialization, different skills and types of training are required for different levels.

An Educator is someone who trains the future leaders to train our future generation. JVM works for the benefit of the needy people in its Ecosystem.

Educationalists who work in the high and posh sector get everything except the self Satisfaction of mind. As “Real India is seen in the villages. JVM extends it’s hand to developing Villages, and villagers, being situated in the warm threshold of Jaigad. Being a part of developing ‘real India’, is a boon for all devoted citizens of our Nation.

I personally feel that it should be the aim and objective of life to “Save the need”. JVM platform fulfills this aim and such I am proud to be a part of it.
As said in “Sanskrit Upanishads”
            “Vidyadhanam Sarvadham Pradhanam”

If I can distribute this sacred wealth, what else would be more pleasurable than this! As it is rightly said in Hindu Mythology, ‘When we educate people they become humble, And when they are educated and humble, They earn/ acquire/ achieve which in turn procures wealth. They become educated, humble, famous and wealthy this is the solo aim of a real human being. I am really proud to be a part of creating real human beings for the future.