• Vasim Inamdar, CGPA - 9.8
  • Mohini Surve, CGPA - 9.0
  • Shruti Surve, CGPA - 8.4
  • Atharva Salvi, CGPA - 7.6
  • Aniket Pawar, CGPA - 7.2
  • Sejal Kedari, CGPA - 7.0


I compliment our Principal, teachers and all students of our JVM for their Bright and Holistic future.
We remain committed to give your children the best academic orientation and the widest array of extra curricular activity. We will make a special effort to induct our children into conversational English.
Our students also need to learn the principles of community living as increasing nuclear family culture rarely gives them this experience. I would like our school to orient them to different perceptions of poverty and deprivation. Bhutan prescribes to a concept called Gross Happiness Index and our children need to be guided towards psychological and emotional satisfaction and contentment.
Wish you all the Best.


Mrs. Ishwari Sharma

Teaching is a highly noble profession. Teachers are always a boon to society. Through their Intelligence, patience and persistent hardwork they attempt not only to hone the learner’s Intellect and aptitude but also...

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